All research projects on art patronage and collecting in Russia and the Soviet Union, with one exception indicated below, were funded by Austria's main Research Fund, FWF. All of them were carried out by Dr. Waltraud BAYER at Graz University.

Six of them have been completed so far; three main studies, two monographs and a major co-authored book publication have appeared in print. The last item on the list, project number seven "Creating Contemporary Art Museums in the Post-Soviet Space", started in 2012. The studies are briefly characterized below:

[00]    Introduction   [01]    Archives
[01]    Bourgeois patronage: 1850-1917   [02]    Museums, Museum libraries
[02]    Case studies, 1917-1985    [03]    Interviews
[03]    Art sales, 1917-1938   [04]    Acknowledgements
[04]    Art collecting, 1917-1991         
[05]    Art patronage, 1985-2000         
[06]   Post-Soviet Art Museums
in the Era of Globalization
[07]   Creating Contemporary Art Museums
in the Post-Soviet Space
[08]   Russian ‘Oligarch’ Art Museums
and Foundations