All publications – 3 books, about 45 major articles in international research journals and about 30 reviews and minor publications, listed in the various categories below – are the result of the five main projects completed so far (see descriptions of projects I-V).

The earliest publications date back to 1996. A considerable number appeared in the German journal "OSTEUROPA", the majority was published by a diversity of journals that specialize in Eastern Europe ("Oesterreichische Osthefte", Jahrbuecher fuer die Geschichte Osteuropas), in cultural studies ("kritische berichte"; Archiv fuer Kulturgeschichte), in art and museum studies (Zeitschrift fuer Kunstgeschichte; Parnass; neues museum; ICOM; Zimmerli Journal) and in religious issues (Hermeneia). The remaining number appeared in conference volumes, yearbooks, commemorative editions, and book publications. Most publications are peer-reviewed, and some recent ones follow FWF open access policy.

They are mainly in German; repeatedly they provide English abstracts. Most recently, publications appeared in English, Italian and Russian. The English translation of the title is given in [square brackets]; in several cases it is not the literal translation, but refers to the contents of the publication.

[1]   Books
[2]   Articles (in Research Journals)
[3]   Reviews, (Co-Authored) Minor Publications, Summaries in Newsletters
[4]   Lectures and Courses